"Be the BEST You Can Be!"

"THANK YOU" Foundations, Companies, Endorsers and Fans!

On behalf of The ROB THE DRUMMER Educational Programs, Inc. ~ "Be the BEST You Can Be" ~ Concert Performances,  we thank the following foundations as and companies for their generous contributions and support.  Rob Gottfried is extremely proud to acknowledge the ESPERANCE FAMILY FOUNDATION for its extensive generosity in the State of Michigan since 1996.  The contribution of philanthropic support from the ESPERANCE FOUNDATION has enhanced the statewide visibility of Robert Gottfried's dynamic vision put forth at his concerts!"   Using DRUMS, as the universal messenger, Rob gets the message across, motivates and inspires, and brings forth confident, goal oriented and successful youths across the United States.

As an Endorsee of extraordinary companies in the music industry that supply his musical instruments and technological need for his concerts, Rob applauds their support and is dedicated to promoting their fine products.  Across the nation, thousands of students sitting in "front-row-seat" school performances view the latest percussion instruments, musical equipment and digital percussion technology, and are granted the opportunity to experience this merchandise first hand on stage, asking specific questions through audience participation.  Music Stores boost their sales…and Music Teachers are swarmed with new requests from future players!

"I am 16 years of age and have wanted to become a musician for a while. You recently did a show for us. I just wanted to thank you for your appearance at our school. I had no motivation to pursue any of my dreams or wishes until you came along. You have inspired me inspired me, and in the four days since you did your show, I have unlocked talents I never even dreamed of having.                    

"Thank you so much Rob. You have changed my life."   Your FAN, Casey!!

"THANK YOU," Dr. Roger Newton and Dr. Coco Newton of the Esperance Family Foundation, Ann Arbor, MI, for your generous support and dedication to the Youth of Michigan, with special emphasis on the communities surrounding the Ann Arbor Township!  Governor Rick Snyder acknowledged the Newton's philanthropic support at a SPECIAL TRIBUTE Award Ceremony at the Michigan Theater honoring Robert L. Gottfried ~ ROB THE DRUMMER. The Michigan Governor comments, “Rob has positively impacted the lives of those he has reached through his artistry. We commend and thank him for his contributions to the people and communities of our state and country. The concerts were memorable...they will never forget him.”

"The 2016 ROB THE DRUMMER ~ "Be the BEST You Can Be!" Michigan Tour kicked off this week in Traverse City, and will be touring throughout Michigan through the first week of April. For more than 20 years, Rob Gottfried, has traveled to our state bringing his Anti-Bullying, Anti-Drug, Pro-Arts, Pro-Sports, and life changing messages through his drum show to schools (K-12), prisons, the “Not Just For Kids” program at the Michigan Theatre and other venues.   For most schools he visits, his show is the only outside event that they ever experience.  The Michigan State Troopers volunteer to help organize his tour every year from scheduling, escorting, and coordinating with the schools.  We have numerous testimonials from students, teachers, administrators and parents about the impact of his messages having changed lives, and cases where he has actually saved lives.  The ROB THE DRUMMER Michigan Tour is sponsored by the Esperance Family Foundation which focuses on the following principles: human potential, social justice, health, and the environment."                                      

Dr. Roger Newton and Dr. Coco Newton ~ ESPERANCE FAMILY FOUNDATION


"THANK YOU"  to all the generous contributors who have made our concerts a National and International Success!   Rob Gottfried has toured in Russia, China, Belgium, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Germany, etc., and has fostered close international communication and warmth everywhere he has traveled!  We recognize your dedication to the social needs of today's youth and appreciate your support and commitment to our mission. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of philanthropic and vendor satisfaction. 


The following Companies in the Music Industry have made the ROB THE DRUMMER Concert a continuing success!


AKG Bass and Tom Microphones     http://www.akg.com/

Alternate Mode, Inc/KAT Electronic Percussion    http://www.alternatemode.com/                                                                 

ANVIL - CALZONE CASES   http://www.calzonecase.com/

APHEX Electronics   http://www.aphex.com/

AQUARIAN Percussion Accessories   http://www.aquariandrumheads.com/

DRUM-FRAME by Bob Gatzen

DW Drums - Hardware and Pedals    http://www.dwdrums.com/

E-MU Systems Electronics    http://www.creative.com/emu/

FIBES Drums    http://www.fibes.com/

GUITAR CENTER     http://www.guitarcenter.com

GRAINGER Lug Locks   https://www.grainger.com

HUSHER Quieting-Practice Pads

KORG Wavedrums      http://www.korg.com

LEXICON Digital Effects    http://lexiconpro.com 

LP Latin Percussion    http://www.lpmusic.com

MIKE BALTER Mallets    http://www.mikebalter.com

PAISTE Gongs    http://www.paistegongs.com

PINTECH Electronic Drums, Cymbals     http://pintechworld.com/

Pro Mark DrumSticks    http://www.promark.com

QUIETONE Drum Silencing Pads, by Sabian    http://www.sabian.com/en/accessories/practice-pads

RANDALL MAY Miking Systems    http://www.randallmay.com/

REMO Drumheads    http://remo.com/ 

ROC-n-SOC Drum Thrones     http://rocnsoc.com/new/

SENNHEISER Wireless Systems     http://en-us.sennheiser.com/

SENSAPHONICS In-ear Monitors     http://www.sensaphonics.com/

SLAPEROO      http://www.slaperoo.com/whatthe.htm

SLUG Percussion Products      http://www.slugdrums.com/

VISU-LITE Electronic Percussion     http://pintechworld.com/shop/pintech-visulite-professional-cymbals/

WESTONE The In-Ear Experts    https://www.westone.com/

WIND TECH Microphone Accessories    http://www.windtech.tv/Windscreens.php  

ZILDJIAN Cymbals    https://zildjian.com/


SPECIAL THANKS to the "behind the scenes" Management

...and support for the ROB THE DRUMMER Concerts. Thank you to these select Individuals for their Iron support and assistance with the coordination of the RTD concept and its implementation.  With the most qualified Folks backing you up when needed, I am free to tackle Any performance environment with the strength and sensitivity it requires…positive in the knowledge we’ve all done our Best collectively.


Lynn Rosenblatt, “Upper Tier Promotions”  …overseeing all things RTD…technically, and through her public relations abilities.  She is the “Go-To” person that can answer any and all questions concerning concept, performance specifics, website maintenance, and business facilitation.  She is, additionally, a noted children's writer of books on the Monarch Butterfly and is the architech of this web site "storyboard vision of RTD."


CPA Alan Friedman, “Accountant to the Stars!”…Master of all things Musical in the World Court of performers that sources like the NAMM Conventions seek out yearly for counsel!


Ron Bienstock, Music Attorney, a constant source of “cutting through” to the truth of any given challenge…with sage advice.


Gary Craig Legendary Talk-Radio Host, who, throughout the years, has consistently supported RTD in his many guises!!  His Humor and Insights have inspired so many….and through his “WE ARE THE CHILDREN” Christmas Shows, has earned the adoration and respect of literally thousands of young people and adults…an entire listening audience.


Peter De Fazio  ~ Bass Guitar / Lead Voacalist  for AVENUE GROOVE ~ formed his own Computer Consulting Firm and a state of the art digital Recording Studio. His most appreciated efforts, technical support and "computer genius" helped to bring this web site to fruition.


Chris Larsen Nelson - Costumer ~ RTD current Concert Shirt Design..and maker of RTD specialized clothing extraordinaire’!


Ann Scharin – Original RTD Garment design and creation, yearly maintenance of performance clothing, and overall support.  Through her work in the fields of early child development and school readiness for the town of Vernon, CT., Ann has leant her expertise, and been the staunchest of supporters both personally and professionally, seeing RTD emerge from its inception of the original taping of Sesame Street…to the communications character that RTD has become today.  I am most thankfull and grateful for her influence.


Bristol Lettering, LLC  - Hartford, CT    Copies, Fliers, Printing Tour Shirts

Animation Design  ~  EXPLORIA  of  Hartford, CT          

Web Site Design -  IMAGE WORKS, LLC     Hartford, CT


 Many Thanks to the Concert CREW...

Steve Desjardins ~ SOUND,       "Dig" Robert Brown ~Master Drum Tech….

and for many years of assistance and Support, Ray Hutchinson ~ Drum Tech & Audio/Visual Coordinator


  You have brought great joy and artistry to the world!



~ Through the Years and across the USA  ~ 

Thank you to businesses and organizations for making a difference" when schools had limited funding.


1997 CHARACTER COUNTS Di Loreto Magnet School,  New Britain, CT 


1998  Connecticut State Officers D.A.R.E. Conference

          Mother's Against Drunk Driving M.A.D.D. Power Leadership Conference  Sacred Heart University,

          People's Bank / Motivational Corporate Seminar, Bridgeport, CT


1999 WTIC FOX 61 KID FEST  Expo Center Hartford, CT  Northeast Promotions

         Andover, Hebron, Marlborough -  AHM Youth Services        

         Hamden Hall Country Day School, Hamden, CT 

         CONNECTICUT CLEARINGHOUSE, Statewide Resource Center for Alcohol, Tobacco Substance Abuse

         CHARACTER COUNTS  - New Britain High School, New Britain, CT

         The BIG  E - Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield, MA  

          MASONS - 6th District Blue Level Lodge, West Hartford, CT  


2000   XEROX - 17 School Sponsorship

           Connecticut PTA CENTENNIAL CONVENTION - A Priorities 2000 "


           OPSAIL 2000 Fest - New London, Groton, CT    Tall Ship Extravaganza 

           BIG E Exposition, West Springfield, MA


2001~  "Be the BEST You Can Be!" MICHIGAN TOUR

          The Middle School of Plainville, BUSHNELL/GE sponsorship  Plainville, CT 

           Keynote Speaker/Performer Young WORLD SCHOLAR-ATHLETE GAMES - "A Kids Day" RTD SHOW

           Keynote Speaker/Performer -WORLD SCHOLAR-ATHLETE GAMES,   "Athlete Show"  UNIVERSITY of RHODE ISLAND Campus

           BOYS & GIRLS CLUB of Shelton, CT

          The  BIG  E - Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield, MA 

          Bloomfield Drum Festival, ROB THE DRUMMER & the Rhythm Rangers      University of Hartford, CT        

          YELLOW RIBBON WEEK - Suicide Prevention North Branford High School  and Middle School

           GRAND OPENING! The BUSHNELL Center for the Performing Arts ~ Rob Gottfried Honored Guest Performance   

                     The New Bushnell will include the new Belding Theater, a great hall for receptions and smaller performances,

                     a café, a gift shop, classrooms and many other amenities.


2002   "Be the BEST You Can Be!" MICHIGAN TOUR

           CT Commission on the ARTS  H.O.T. Schools Summer Music Camp,  CONN College Campus with Rob Hugh

           ROB THE DRUMMER SHOW ~ M.A.D.D.(Mother's Against Drunk Driving)  LEADERSHIP CAMP


           ARTIST COLLECTIVE Event   Hartford, CT



2003  "Be the BEST You Can Be!" MICHIGAN TOUR

            CT Commission on the Arts ARTS WEEK - Jack Jackter Elementary School   "PEACE DRUM"  DEDICATION

            ROB THE DRUMMER-KEYNOTE SPEAKER - New Canaan High School    Anti-Substance Abuse/Anti-Violence Day

            ROB THE DRUMMER SHOW American School for the DEAF     West Hartford, CT  

            ROB THE DRUMMER Concert - Quinnipiac University - Alumni Athletic Event   Dana Barron 

                                                      H.B. Communications & Sony Corporation

            ROB THE DRUMMER - Sponsored by Gallagher Buick of New Britain.2-Shows - Pulaski Middle School, New Britain, CT        


2004  "Be the BEST You Can Be!" MICHIGAN TOUR 

            ROB THE DRUMMER CONCERT - Waterford Youth Services, Waterford, CT

              Clark School/ Salvation Army 21st Century Educational Grant Hartford, CT

            Society for Ethical Cultures - Night in the Life of a Rogue - Jeff Ernstoff Production - New York City, NY

            COLORADO  6-SHOW  Concert Tour   ROB THE DRUMMER TOUR


2005 "Be the BEST You Can Be!" MICHIGAN TOUR 

           Farmington ROTARY~ Guest Speaker - -"Be the Best You Can Be" with ROB THE DRUMMER   

           West Haven High School Health Fair, Hosted by University of New Haven

           CAMP COURANT   Bathson Park Road    Farmington, CT



2006 "Be the BEST You Can Be!" MICHIGAN TOUR 

            Gideon Welles Middle School Glastonbury, CT

            Woodstock Middle School   Woodstock, CT

               World War II Veterans Association Luncheon - Keynote 

            Southington High School   Post Graduate Prom Event   Southington, CT 

               NEWINGTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS  6~School Tour

            Nantucket Island Schools  ROB THE DRUMMER SHOWS 


2007  "Be the BEST You Can Be!" MICHIGAN TOUR 

            Eastern CT Helen Keller Middle School,  Bridgeport, CT

            Jack Jackter Elementary School,   Colchester, CT


2008   "Be the BEST You Can Be!" MICHIGAN TOUR 

            PROVIDENCE CENTER for PERFORMING ARTS, Providence, RI ~ Sponsored By Bank of America Arts  Showcase

            ROB THE DRUMMER & Friends with Doc Hollywood (a.k.a. Neil Shulman) at Sea Crest Conference Center, Falmouth MA

            NEW YORK CITY ~ IS 204 Oliver Wendall Holmes Middle School     The Esler Group   

            RAYBURN MUSIC West Hartford, CT:

                      October 15: ROB THE DRUMMER CONCERT SHOWS at DePaolo and Kennedy Middle Schools, Southington, CT

                      October 16: ROB THE DRUMMER CONCERT SHOW at Derynoski Elementary School, Southington, CT


2009  "Be the BEST You Can Be!" MICHIGAN TOUR 

          E.O. Smith High School, Storrs ROB THE DRUMMER & FRIENDS - Desiree Bassett Bassett Management

          The Mohegan Sun's Wolf Den - organized through Bassett Management ....Young audience through adults


2010  "Be the BEST You Can Be!" MICHIGAN TOUR    

             PROVIDENCE CENTER for PERFORMING ARTS ~ Bank of America Arts Showcase

            England Boys & Girls Club of AMERICA Conference ~ A Keystone State of Mind : Think BIG, Dream BIGGER! Keystone Club's are teenage (13-18) youth leadership group clubs within each Boys and Girls . This conference is for B&G Clubs in the northeast U.S. and is called the Northeast Keystone Youth Summit, with main topics on Education, Personal Values and Leadership. The Holiday Inn ~  Stamford,CT    CONTACT Michael Cotela  - Keystone Club's are teenage (13-18) youth leadership group clubs within each Boys and Girls . This conference is for B&G Clubs


2011    "Be the BEST You Can Be!" MICHIGAN TOUR         

               WOODSTOCK MIDDLE SCHOOL - Woodstock, CT


2012  "Be the BEST You Can Be!" MICHIGAN TOUR      

             PROVIDENCE CENTER for PERFORMING ARTS ~ Bank of America Arts Showcase

             Canton Intermediate School      Canton, CT


2013    "Be the BEST You Can Be!" MICHIGAN TOUR      

             New Britain-Berlin YMCA  Eric Hutchinson

"Today, the New Britain-Berlin YMCA is proud to welcome Rob the Drummer, world renowned musician and international ambassador for children, to Roosevelt Middle School. As part of our Y's Guys Program, Rob will perform a one hour Anti Drug, Pro Arts show for the students of Roosevelt, featuring performances by CEO-Rich McCarty, Director of Arts and Humanities-Eric R. Hutchinson, and Y's Guys Staff-Dan Clarke. We are honored to have Rob with us and hope that this performance will change the lives of many youth within New Britain."

             ROOSEVELT MIDDLE SCHOOL New Britain CT

             AMITY MIDDLE SCHOOL Bethany CT


             CAMP GAN ISREAL

             THAYER ACADEMY   Highley Thompson Principal


2014   "Be the BEST You Can Be!" MICHIGAN TOUR   

             PROVIDENCE CENTER for PERFORMING ARTS ~ Bank of America Arts Showcase   

             MALIBU, CA  ~ "Be the BEST You Can BE!"


2015  "Be the BEST You Can Be!" MICHIGAN TOUR   

             Norton Elementary School   Cheshire, CT       Svigals Architecture Group - New Haven, CT


2016  "Be the BEST You Can Be!" MICHIGAN TOUR   

            CATHERINE M. McGEE MIDDLE SCHOOL   Berlin, CT    Joseph Manzi Foundation

Meet Rob Gottfried

ANTI-DRUGS ~ ANTI-BULLYING... Rob's DRUMS captivate and inspire self esteem!
His INTERVENTION / PREVENTION MESSAGE saves lives!  His K-12 “Be the BEST You Can BE!” school concerts target Anti-Substance Abuse, Anti-Bullying, Accepting Diversity, Pro-Arts, Pro-Sports, and building Self Esteem across the USA!
Robert L. Gottfried, ROB THE DRUMMER is a Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Role Model and Jazz/Rock Percussion Artist. 

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