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Veterans' Memorial School        Memorial Global Studies Magnet Middle School            Thomas W. Mahan Elementary      Rawson STEAM Magnet School    ..    2 SHOWS           Samuel Huntington Elementary

Kennelly School - 2 Shows               Kelly STEAM Magnet School      2 SHOWS                   Fred D. Wish School 2 SHOWS 

2023 Hartford / Norwich CT SHOW TOUR 





2022    West Hartford, CT Celebrates ROB GOTTFRIED ! 


    The COVID PANDEMIC did NOT stop Rob from reaching

out to his friendsto make a difference!!

“The ROB THE DRUMMER Vision for Virtual performances comes from a Musician and Educator’s point of view using a primal, non-verbal means of approaching kids, teens and adults acting as the “great equalizer” between them …through the screen … as it does not matter WHO you are, as we ALL can enjoy changing the way we feel Naturally, by playing DRUMS, doing something in the Arts and Sports, or whatever makes you feel happy, inspired and ultimately successful ~ with ALL of your effort.Throughout the sessions, kids participated with their own Sticks or pencils ... anything to keep the beat! Rob discussed DRUMS as a time-honored means of communication ... “TALKING DRUMS” ... used throughout history to send codes over long and short distances. Drums signals have been of historical significance as a communicative language in places like Africa, or during the Civil War period. Instructional materials were delivered to the Camp instructors for the Students discussions ~ AND ~ as always, Rob encouraged “thinking “out of the box!” 

The visits increased everyone’s understanding of how “musical exchange” and “rhythms and playing,” can teach you how to relate to people ~ the empathy of being on the “receiving end” as you build confidence!! The goal is to help students LEARN and EXPRESS how to positively give back good vibes and thus, increase the quality of everything one does! Playing with rhythm ~ with and without instruments ~ can change the way you feel!” We received great reviews for this summer’s work, as this came to them at Just the Right Time ~ providing education, and entertainment, that wonderful mix ~ at the same time! 

As noted by the Letters of Testimony, both Channel 3 and Kingswood / Oxford were searching for the new “normal” for their campers, trying to adjust to the current state of how, still, to get to those feelings of Fun and inclusion, while adhering to social guidelines … and the thought processes that comes with it all … that were never necessary previously.

Collectively, we did some great work this Summer, and they have You, the Funders, to thank for a wonderful addition to their Summer… that made things Better.

2020 ~ 2022   ZOOM with Rob the Drummer - Summer Series!!! 






Instructor, Keyboardist ~ David Zucker from Kingswood Oxford ~ is a performer, producer and composer. He spent many years as a working musician in both San Francisco and Seattle.  While in Seattle, David did considerable work with film composer BC Smith. David has currently been working with Grammy Award winning composer, Paul Avgerinos on composing music for TV and Film.  His music can be heard on many programs ranging from Reality TV to the NFL. As a performer, he toured the US with his Funk, Fusion Band SIAMESE AND HAS TOURED Europe and South India.  He has shared the stage with Phish, K.J. Sawka, and Bill Frisell.


Jake Kulak picked up a guitar at the age of 11 and instinctively knew what to do with it.  Within a couple of months he was playing at open jams in the CT Blues and Jazz scene.  At age 13, he made the first of many trips to Memphis where he played in clubs and on Beale Street
as part of the International Blues Challenge Youth Showcase, 
and to Clarksdale, MS where he attended the Pinetop Perkins Master Class in Guitar, Learning from the Blues Legends like Bob Margolin. AT 13 he was also recognized with a Merit Scholarship by the Honeyboy Edwards Fund for the Blues at the National Blues Museum.   Several years later, 
Jake was playing 60+ professional gigs a year, all while he was still attending high school.   Locally, he has studied
with guitar legend Frank Varela and Jake is currently attending Berklee SCHOOL OF MUSIC where he has studied with Thaddeus Hogarth.  He can play Solo Acoustic, Solo Electric or Rock Out with his full band Jake Kulak and the Lowdown.  


              2020 ~ 2022   ZOOM with Rob the Drummer - Summer Series!!! 



                                2019 ~ National RED RIBBON WEEK

Rob Celebrated UNITY DAY, October 23rd ( ISAAC SCHOOL New London, CT ) and RED RIBBON WEEK October 23-31 at Griswold Middle School, Griswold, CT  

THIS SCHOOL Highlights National Poster Theme WINNER ~ Izabella Ware ~ her poster will be displayed across the USA!



Police Officers and Teachers Uniting For Opioid Prevention Education

The L.E.A.D. (Law Enforcement Against Drugs) program is working to combat the opioid crisis in New Hampshire and across the country.



BURNCOAT MIDDLE SCHOOL - 135 Burncoat St, Worcester, MA





2019 Greater Hartford TOUR ~ April 29 through June 3, 2019

THANK YOU SPONSORS!!! David and Steven Roth ~The Edgemer Family Foundation and Bob Goldfarb, The Ellen Jeanne Goldfarb Charity Trust Foundation



Fairfield Country Day School      MARCH - 26, 2019



Watch ROB on the CT STYLE Video on the Home Page :)  ENJOY!

2019 ~ Happy New Year!


COMING SOON!  ~  November 1, 2018

Providence Performing ARTS Center

Bank of America ARTS SHOWCASE



Returning to McGee Middle School ~ October 31, 2018

Special Thanks to the Joseph Manzi Foundation




THE WORLD Innovation Network  "ETUDES for INNOVATION"

Chicago, IL   September 26, 2018

 "Invisible Drums" ~ Air-Drumming Without a Drum Set ~

The World Innovation Network "Etudes for Innovation." The 90-minute informance is directed by the renowned Jeffrey Ernstoff, former Special Events Creative Director for Radio City Music Hall Productions. The World Innovation Network (TWIN), presents a 3-day annual Global Conference for innovators in diverse fields from around the World.

For this year’s "Etudes,"AERODRUMS-- a timely and dynamic innovation-- is a featured highlight of the program, hosted by TWIN Exec Director, Northwestern U. Professor Robert C. Wolcott. The TWIN audience for this private presentation includes 300 key global innovators, many of whom are fostering state-of-the-art technologies. ROB is honored to be asked to open the Show with his performance!


Laurel Ledge Elementary School

January 12, 2018




December 11, 2017


   Principal Notre Dame High School

     220 Jefferson Street

    Fairfield, CT 06825



                                                                                                                             GREATER HARTFORD, CT  TOUR

May 22-26, 2017 ... We send a Special THANK YOU to the following SPONSORS -

David Roth, The EdgemerFoundation ~ The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving ~ Bob Goldfarb,The Ellen Goldfarb Charitable Trust Foundation 

GREATER HARTFORD, CT Area TOUR ....Sedgwick Middle School West Hartford  - Webster Hill Elementary School West Hartford - RAWSON Elementary, Hartford -

M.D FOX School, Hartford -  WISH School, Hartford -  SAND Elementary, Hartford - BURR School, Hartford - KENNELLY School, Hartford, CT



February 27, 2017

L.E.A.D. (Law Enforcement Against Drugs) CONFERENCE

ROB THE DRUMMER to Perform for Officers!

HARRAH's Conference Center - Atlantic, City, NJ 


SADDLE BROOK, N.J. -- An anti-drug teaching program will be in every school in every county in New Jersey if Saddle Brook Police Chief Robert Kugler and other members of L.E.A.D. have their way.

They're already getting help.

Earlier this week, Residential Home Funding Corporation donated $10,000 to Law Enforcement Against Drugs (L.E.A.D.) as "a pledge to (its) commitment in tackling the heroin epidemic gripping the local community and surrounding areas."

“It is imperative to raise awareness of the heroin epidemic in Parsippany and donate to the necessary cause of fighting against drugs,” said Thomas Marinaro, president of RHFC, a 15-year-old correspondent mortgage banker.

L.E.A.D. is trying to fill the gap left by the demise of the D.A.R.E. program in New Jersey following a curriculum dispute and legal battle.

"Our traditional role in the fight against drug abuse was to aggressively enforce and prosecute offenders," said Kugler, the L.E.A.D. chairman. "Although this role is still our responsibility, a greater emphasis is to educate our society, especially our youth, on the dangers and perils of drug abuse.

"Arrests and incarceration, although sometimes necessary, is just a revolving door for many and a drain on our police and prosecutorial resources," the chief told Daily Voice. "Our emphasis needs to to be on preventing them from getting involved in drug abuse activities before they even think about it."

L.E.A.D. is the only charitable law enforcement-related organization utilizing proven effective K-12 curricula in New Jersey, organizers say. It looks to demonstrate the health, social, legal and short-term consequences of using tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, inhalants or any other illegal drug.

The officers working the program in the schools hope to become role models while building trusting and supportive relationships with youngsters and their families.

Communication, confidence, assertiveness, refusal strategies and other resistance skills are discussed and practiced in role-play exercises.

They also discuss the development of positive friendships, peer pressure and "the art of avoiding risky situations," while examining the role of self-pressure in decision-making exercises."

The added benefit, of course, is having armed, trained policy officers protecting the children.

"Our physical presence provides protection for the children while they are in school and our team building events foster a healthy and lasting partnership that transcends the school environment," said L.E.A.D. Executive Director Nick DeMauro, who was D.A.R.E. of NJ's CEO for 17 years.

L.E.A.D.'s New Jersey affiliate will be holding a statewide training conference at Harrah's in Atlantic City from Feb. 29-March 2.



RED RIBBON WEEK - October - 2016      Rochester, New Hampshire Schools 




2016 MICHIGAN TOUR  ~ February 22 - April 1

The BEAT GOES ON!!   ROB THE DRUMMER's  "Be the BEST You Can Be!" Concert Tour is rocking Michigan!  Hosted in schools across the state for more than 20years, this motivational presentation is generously sponsored by Ann Arbor residents, Dr. Roger Newton and Coco Newton through their Esperance Family Foundation.  Named an Ambassador for anti-racism, anti-bullying, anti-drug, pro-arts, pro-sports, and high self esteem, Rob Gottfried is a dynamic humanitarian. He has offset suicides, has catalyzed an autistic child to speak his first words, created special moments that have changed children's lives, and has motivated many thousands of Michigan citizens.  Rob brings his inspirating message to schools and to inmates at juvenile detention centers all over Michigan. His goal is to become an International Ambassador for Children.

"The 2016 ROB THE DRUMMER ~ "Be the BEST You Can Be!" Michigan Tour kicked off the week of February 22nd in Traverse City, and will be touring throughout Michigan through the first week of April. For more than 20 years, Rob Gottfried, has traveled to our state bringing his Anti-Bullying, Anti-Drug, Pro-Arts, Pro-Sports, and life changing messages through his drum show to schools (K-12), prisons, the "Not Just For Kids" program at the Michigan Theater and other venues. For most schools he visits, his show is the only outside event that they ever experience. The Michigan State Troopers volunteer to help organize his tour every year from scheduling, escorting, and coordinating with the schools. We have numerous testimonials from students, teachers, administrators and parents about the impact of his messages having changed lives, and cases where he has actually saved lives. The ROB THE DRUMMER Michigan Tour is sponsored by the Esperance Family Foundation which focuses on the following principles: human potential, social justice, health, and the environment." 
                                                                         Dr. Roger Newton and Dr. Coco Newton ~ ESPERANCE FAMILY FOUNDATION



Meet Rob Gottfried

ANTI-DRUGS ~ ANTI-BULLYING... Rob's DRUMS captivate and inspire self esteem!
His INTERVENTION / PREVENTION MESSAGE saves lives!  His K-12 “Be the BEST You Can BE!” school concerts target Anti-Substance Abuse, Anti-Bullying, Accepting Diversity, Pro-Arts, Pro-Sports, and building Self Esteem across the USA!
Robert L. Gottfried, ROB THE DRUMMER is a Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Role Model and Jazz/Rock Percussion Artist. 

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