"Be the BEST You Can Be!"


                                           “Don't lose your freedom to a drug!"

The ROB THE DRUMMER Anti-Substance Abuse message ~ “Don't lose your freedom to a drug!" ~ elicits young children, teens and adults to resist peer pressure, improve life choices, practice their skills and reach personal goals.  It is our vision to become a highly visible, national media presence and foster active engagement and participation of youth in their schools and communities.


Motivation is the key to change!  Rob's message is dynamic and is multi-dimensional, bringing a grass-roots, non-preaching anti-drug approach to youth in their learning environments, and then influencing thinking and behavioral change!  He performs across the country, gets kids to understand his message and carry his influence through difficult decision making situations.


It is a nationwide fact that high school students entering colleges are binge drinking to a higher degree (48 HOURS Television Special) - using ecstasy, heroin and a wide range of illegal drugs . . .  

                                         Worst of all - this pattern begins in late-Elementary and MIDDLE SCHOOL!  

Parents, teachers and administrators are joining forces to take the “bull by the horns” and foster prevention efforts in schools, at local community events and at national levels.

ROB THE DRUMMER His message..."The ARTS as an alternative to drugs"... kept people spellbound for an hour, and left them cheering for more! Not an easy feat in a school so used to high-level performance. You would have to look long and hard to find a better representative for the Drug-Free American Youth Campaign."

Mark B. Roth, Principal CONCORD HIGH SCHOOL



"If the "ROB THE DRUMMER" Pro-Arts, Pro-Sports, Anti-Substance Abuse, Self-Esteem performances have been effective, it is due to my attempt at being acutely sensitive to WHY I began the instrument, the combination of heredity and environment, and most important, what SUSTAINS the experience of being in the music . . . not separate . . . at one . . . non-verbally. It is that natural ecstasy that may be the one single most underlying motivator for percussionists of any age or musical inclination! Therefore, as educators, our charge is to nurture and to fan the flames of that connection in our young players, that they would know the "spirit that moves them."                                               RTD


Through his love of music and his drums, Rob Gottfried's ultimate life focus is to inspire today’s youth to achieve success.  It is not what he “says”… but what he embodies … what he IS!  It’s not an Act, but clear honesty ... i.e. he "Walks the Walk!"  If one uses the Arts and Sports as a NATURAL way to change the way you feel, you will avoid any and all conflicts with the gamble of using something ARTIFICIAL, like drugs, alcohol, or even cigarettes or coffee…to achieve that same shift in perception."  Shift Naturally … and you’re Always Safe.  RTD goes where the Youth LIVE…in music they listen to day and night…and gets “under their skin” in an extremely positive way that Causes that change.

"In my 19 years of teaching and counseling I have never seen our entire student body paying such attention to a presenter."

Kim Schram, Guidance, Mt. Orab Middle School, Cincinnati, OH

"I could see the children thinking, the wheels turning,...your message was presented on a level that the children could really relate to."

John Daviau - Connecticut Clearing House

"You are a HERO in all our eyes. We love you and will never forget you ROB THE DRUMMER! Thank you for all you have done for us."

Robert W. Carbone School, East Haven, CT

 "He made us think about safety, health and freedom and to stick to your dreams no matter what....make good choices so you will not mess up....and believe in yourself and you will go far!. He said you need to have perseverance to show good character . . . AVOID DRUGS . . . cause they can bring you down!" His music was ROCKET, wild, fun, loud and we got to shake it and express ourselves. 17 out of 19 of us gave it a 10!  We recommend this concert because Rob's performance had a purpose to deliver, and this message needs to be shared with the youth of today!"         

Mrs. Ade's 4/5th Graders Grand Rapids, MI   


MAXEY TRAINING CENTER Resident Comments - Arbor, Michigan "under-21 Prisons" of Maxey & Adrian Training Centers

Director Dr. Lee Grant ~ "NO ONE can get this kind of reaction out of this population!"  

Inmates comments ~ "He helped me blow off my anger and understand how to control it."  "He caused me to think about life and our freedom is valuable to us and we need to stop sitting and doing nothing all day."  "He said to have something successful planned for yourself and to have value for yourself. I feel someone famous like him is able to inspire a lot of people like me. He should go to all the schools so he could help all the kids."



Artificial enhancement of this process of "opening" through the decades has taken the form of drug use and sometimes abuse in an attempt to connect with the non-verbal flow on demand. The challenge to educators, with students of any age, is to positively manipulate and guide the student to embody the "flow" of the non-verbal communication . . . to keep them anchored in connection with the first place - the "fun" - without the obvious side effects of using something artificial to retain it. Several prominent phenomenal drummers performing today speak of their "cocaine stage," the "heroin encounter," their "alcoholism bout," with retrospective tones of resignation that it had gotten them to this point in time. But wouldn’t it have been great if they hadn’t gone through those terrible processes in the first place!?




"His message is very simply, "the arts as an alternative to drugs! It is straightforward and young people can identify with it. He is truly a professional who is willing to use his talent to fight the drug crisis in our schools through the use of talent and music."


CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES  ~  CT  State Representative ~ Barbara Kennelly

"I add my voice to those of his young audiences in speaking enthusiastically about Rob the Drummer.I feel sure that this young man and his gifts would be a positive, beneficial force."


GARY M. BALD  ~ FBI  Supervisory Special Agent 

"The ability to reach these youth through music analogies presented by your first hand knowledge and experiences brings a credibility that acts like a stimulus for the youth to evaluate their perspective on this important concept of a Drug Free America."


US SENATE - Senator Lowell P. Weicker, Jr.
"Consider his talents and choose him to help combat the war against drugs."

M.A.D.D. (Mother's Against Drunk Driving)
"Rob's performance was fantastic. Innovative and exciting. Our M.A.D.D. Power Camp strongly recommends any organization involved with youth to use Rob."

S.A.D.D. (Students Against Drunk Driving)

“One student told me...”He was great. He had so much to say but he didn’t shove it down our throats.   HE didn’t preach.  He made me think.”  I did not hear even one negative reaction to his program and that is quite an accomplishment when you perform for over 400 teenagers."                 Lisa A. Martin~ S.A.D.D. Advisor  MASUK HIGH SCHOOL


CT  D.A.R.E. Officer,  T.F.C. Rafael L. Morales
"The presentation contains and summarizes the basic fundamentals of the D.A.R.E. curriculum. I feel by utilizing the drums as a nonverbal component of the show, it is a very effective way of educating our youth."


PRIDE WORLD DRUG CONVENTION ~Devoted to Drug Abuse Prevention through Education. "Thank you, Rob, for your contribution and participation in the 17th Annual P.R.I.D.E. World Drug Convention and Exhibit. Our goal is to  provide the latest information in drug education curriculum, services, and products, and with your support we are meeting our goal."

Steve Schultz ~ Director P.R.I.D.E 



Check out this Website: www.drugrehab.com


Check this out!  Drunk Driving Statistics from M.A.D.D.


Drunk Driving Deaths have been cut in half since M.A.D.D was founded in 1980

50 to 75 % of convicted drunk drivers continue to drive on a suspended license;

An average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before his first arrest.

The rate of drunk driving is highest among 21 to 25 years old ( 23.4%)

Every 2 minutes, a person is injured in a drunk driving crash.

Drunk Driving costs the United States $199 billion a year

See more facts at:  ~ https://www.madd.org/statistics/



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CHECK OUT THIS LINK FOR PTSD  https://nursingeducation.org/resources/ptsd-in-patients/  New Guide for PTSD Treatment Resources available here:
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Making New and Important Changes for Students! http://www.dare.org/message-from-the-chairman-of-the-board-and-president-ceo/  

Meet Rob Gottfried

ANTI-DRUGS ~ ANTI-BULLYING... Rob's DRUMS captivate and inspire self esteem!
His INTERVENTION / PREVENTION MESSAGE saves lives!  His K-12 “Be the BEST You Can BE!” school concerts target Anti-Substance Abuse, Anti-Bullying, Accepting Diversity, Pro-Arts, Pro-Sports, and building Self Esteem across the USA!
Robert L. Gottfried, ROB THE DRUMMER is a Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Role Model and Jazz/Rock Percussion Artist. 

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