"Be the BEST You Can Be!"

"Why does this always happen to me?"

Rob Gottfried's Anti-Bullying Bullying / Accepting Diversity Animation Segments have received rave reviews with dynamic impact!  – The audience never forgets!  Experiencing the effects of peer pressure, perhaps even thoughts of suicide ~ audiences feel the sadness in the bullied child, yet gain understanding and empathy for child being the bully ~  they experience BOTH sides of the situation ~ a component society needs to address. 

Kids, at times, will not listen to authority figures, parents, or adults, but they love animation and cartoon characters and they relate to Super Hero character messages - THAT'S the connection that piques kids’ interest to listen!   And Rob gets their attention!!!

    "Why didn't we see that coming?"        

Sadly, headline news of teen suicide has a strong connection between bullying and loss of life! Parents, teachers, administrators ask the following question;  "Why didn't we see that coming?" ~ Our kids need mentors, someone to talk to, caring adults they can count on BEFORE terrible life threatening incidents occur!


“You were absolutely incredible this morning... GREAT responses from the kids and teachers...  a 6th grader just brought the surveys down and said your assembly for her was a "once in a lifetime" experience so a big thank you for making SUCH a difference in the world... I feel blessed to have met you and am SOOO glad the kids got to be in your space... we're all better people for it!"                                               

 Dr. Karen Fox  ~ Music Specialist     Schwarzkoff Elementary




"HUMAN LEGEND! I think you are so awesome when you came to Harper Creek school. I mean when I shook your hand I was so happy. My friend and I went crazy when you touched our hands. We thought that we had the DNA of a human legend. I hope you will write back very soon. Thank you."    Your fan


"I loved Rob’s show!  But it makes me really sad about how nowadays people hate people.  I have been bullied a lot because of my skin color, clothes, and everything else."

"I would like to congratulate you on your program because you used eye catching flash and sound to help get across a point. I noticed at my school the kids who don't usually listen in class were agreeing with what you said. They actually paid attention!!!!"


"Some kids who really do bully probably changed their minds about what’s right and what’s not thanks to Rob!"


"Rob, I have been cyber bullied, physically, bullied too and emotionally bullied..."


"Rob caused me to think about not doing things I would regret in life. Also to follow what you believe and not what the other's think. I am 13 and a half and Rob was a great role model for my friend and me. I strongly recommend his presentation for other schools." 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 . . . YES - I recommend him for other schools!"


"He put us in a better mood and I haven’t seen my friends bully other kids as much after the assembly."


"People make fun of me and call me dumb...HATE IT!"

"There is one friend I have that you made a very, very, big impact!"


"We saw truth in his words about bullying.  It opened my eyes. COME BACK ROB!"


"Rob’s performance impacted us to maybe try harder if we want to accomplish more. It made me realize how wrong bullying and cheating is.  Hey - the kids talked about you and they talked to me more.  They talked about it for days."


"He said don’t bully people and don’t let people bully you and if you want to do something, do it. Rob’s message is important - others make us think that we can achieve   something in life - he gives us confidence!"


"He taught me things and helped me think about bullying. He told us about bullies and what will happen and feeling guilty later in life."


"I have learned to restrain my impulsivity!"


"Lots of people bully others to make themselves feel better and I have done that before!"


"The performance impacted me and my friends by really talking about it afterwards. You know, I loved it!


"The bullies stopped bullying me and became my friend."


"The people that were writing on the walls quit!  It was a learning experience to kids that are bullies."


"It made me say SORRY if I bumped into someone."


"I think he helped. My friends and I get along better. It made them stop bullying."


"On the bus I got picked on by a teenager, Rob. People threaten each other all the time."


"I have not seen any bullying since he was here!"


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Does your school have regular staff discussion groups on bullying

“u saved my life today, i was suffering from depression and people picking on me friends turn out to be fake, i was going to go kill my self. But u stop that from happening with your message.”

Reference: The Issue Of Suicide In School Due To Bullying



Meet Rob Gottfried

ANTI-DRUGS ~ ANTI-BULLYING... Rob's DRUMS captivate and inspire self esteem!
His INTERVENTION / PREVENTION MESSAGE saves lives!  His K-12 “Be the BEST You Can BE!” school concerts target Anti-Substance Abuse, Anti-Bullying, Accepting Diversity, Pro-Arts, Pro-Sports, and building Self Esteem across the USA!
Robert L. Gottfried, ROB THE DRUMMER is a Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Role Model and Jazz/Rock Percussion Artist. 

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